Congratulations to a group of fourth grade students for having been named to the Morrison Flag Patrol for the 2001-02 academic year.  Members were selected for flag patrol duty after completing a job application, writing an essay on the topic, "Why I Want to Be on the Flag Patrol," demonstrating their ability to properly fold a flag, and receiving high recommendations from teachers regarding each candidate's dependability.
    The flag patrol is responsible for raising and lowering the American and Ohio flags daily at Morrison.  They are directed by teacher, Sabrina Kotts.  This year's members include: Team Red-Kerrigan Boyd, James DeGraw, Jessica Gilkey, Ashley Luehrman, Lyndsey Noftz, and Kasie Sweeney.  Team Blue-Brynnie Delang, Tenisha Dewees, Susanne Hixson, Christian Showalter, Joe Tysko, Kyle Young.

    Yearly, we examine ways to recognize students for their accomplishments.  During the 2001-02 academic year, we created two new award categories.  The first was titled "Pledge of Allegiance Leader (PAL)".  Because we believe it's important for students to appreciate their country and its traditions, Principal John Gordon initiated a program whereby students are chosen by their teachers to serve as PALs on a weekly basis.  As PALs, they are responsible for leading the entire student body in repeating the Pledge of Allegiance via the school's intercom on Mondays and Fridays during home room.
Congratulations to fifth grader, Joe Gilkey for being selected as the first Pledge of Allegiance Leader (PAL) at Morrison.   Other students who have been PALs include those listed below.  We invite you to visit our web page frequently for weekly updates.

    WEEK                                    PAL
    October 22, 2001           Joe Gilkey - 5th grade
     October 29, 2001           Robin Wiggins - 3rd grade
     November 5, 2001          Stephen Kelder - 4th grade
    November 12, 2001        Melissa Lee - 6th grade
    November 19, 2001        Tess Groves - 5th grade
    November 27, 2001        Wesley McDonald - 3rd grade
     December 3, 2001          Christy Stock - 6th
    December 10, 2001         Andrea Pierson - 5th
    December 17, 2001         Rochelle Bolin - 4th
    January 7, 2002              Jamie Hyde - 3rd
    January 14, 2002            Johnny Hart and Katie Lewis
    January 21, 2002            Tyler Jackson - 2nd
    January 28, 2002            Rachelle Hart - 2nd

    The second new student award category created in 2001-02 was the "Citizenship Award."  This award was the brainchild of teacher, Lynne Conroy.  Students who exhibit important life skills such as being kind, helpful, friendly, responsible, cooperative, who putting forth lots of effort, and show integrity were nominated by their teachers.  Winners have a catered lunch with Principal John Gordon and Mrs. Lynne Conroy.  We thank the Pizza Inn for providing the delicious catered meal for our good citizens.
    December, 2001
    Brynn Cooley - K            Rachel Stewart - 4th
    Taylor Stewart - 1st         Christina Gould - 5th
    Justin Doe - 2nd              David Edwards - 6th
    Travis Nichols - 3rd

Shane Bugeja - 2002 Geography Bee Champ at Morrison
Tenesha Dewees and Lauren Herpy - Art Chosen for Statewide Exhibit in Columbus

    We invite you to view this page throughout the 2002-03 school year as more students are recognized for their accomplishments at Morrison.

Last updated on August 9, 2002