Students at Morrison have opportunities to participate in organizations outside of the regular classroom.  Some of these include:



    Time to rev up those creative juices!  Morrison Elementary has created a Drama Club!  The club is open to any interested students in grades 4-6.   Below you will find other information for parents.
    In order for your child to participate in Drama Club, it is
necessary for us to have your permission, as well as for the
appropriate transportation arrangements to be made.  Please be sure you complete the form your child brings home after the initial meeting we have with interested students.
UP AT 4:45 p.m!    If students cannot be picked up by 4:45 p.m. at every rehearsal, you may want to look into carpooling with another parent or having a relative in the area pick up your child.  With close to 70 students participating in this after school event, we need everyone's cooperation.
        The Morrison Elementary Drama Club is open to any fourth, fifth, or sixth grader at Morrison Elementary.  The purpose of this club is to allow students the opportunity to collaboratively and cooperatively contribute their efforts towards the production of a public drama performance.  Students are required to meet certain attendance, academic, and behavior standards for participation in the club.  For more specific information, please contact teacher advisors, Heather Sammons, Heidi Mullins or Pat Bloom at Morrison.

This group consists of 4th graders who are selected after completing job applications and participating in interviews with their teachers.  The flag patrol is responsible for daily putting up and taking down the school's flags.  They also present the colors during student assemblies.  Advisor to flag patrol is teacher, Sabrina Kotts.

STUDENT COUNCIL - Student council members are elected by their peers in grades 4-6.  The president and secretary are 6th graders while the vice president and treasurer come from 5th grade.  The sergeant at arms is a 4th grader.  Each homeroom  in grades 4-6 has a room representative.  Student council meets at least twice per month during the lunch period.
    Council members sponsor sock hops, do school and community service projects, help direct the school's field day, look alike day, and provide ideas to improve the school.
    Advisors to student council are teachers, Liz Green and Kristen Ramsdale.

KIDS NEXT DOOR- This singing group is comprised of students in grades 5-6.  The group practices weekly during the school day. Shows are performed for Veterans' Day in November, the Winter holidays, Grandparents' Day in April, and the Mus-Art Show in May.  Occasionally, the group will perform for special events that weren't originally listed on the calendar.
    As members of the group, students need to purchase a Kids Next Door T-shirt, regularly attend rehearsals,  and participate in all of the group's performances.
    Kids Next Door are under the direction of teacher, Michele Hayes.

Last updated on August 9, 2002