Morrison is a better school because of the support, ideas, leadership, volunteer help, and money provided by parents and the P.T.O.  Parents are invited to our Open House on September 30, Parent-Student-Teacher goal setting conferences in November, the annual P.T.O. Arts and Crafts Fair in November, holiday programs in December,  Spring Fling in March, Book Fair in April, the all elementaries band concert, Mus-Art Show in May, and numerous other school events.  We also encourage parents to join the P.T.O.  Membership fees are 4.00 per individual.
    Funds from P.T.O. projects are used to improve the playground, increase technology experiences for students, enhance our library, and provide additional assistance where needed to benefit large numbers of children.
    P.T.O. officers for 2004-05 are:
Liz Luehrman and Debbie Seyfang, Co-Presidents
Susan Williford and Lesley Michigan, Co-Vice Presidents
Carlyn and Fred Rickey,  Co-Secretaries
Beth Cooley and Stephanie Wood, Co-Treasurers.
    We thank our families for their valuable support and solicit your continued participation in school and P.T.O. activities.


Last updated on June 16, 2004