MORRISON MESSAGE                  October, 2001

   Thank you parents for demonstrating interest in  your children and their  education by  attending our  parent-student-teacher goal  setting conferences held in  late September for grades 4-6 and early October for  grades 1-3.  Most of our  families were represented at these important conferences and we greatly appreciate your taking the time to meet with us.  Children benefit through your interest and support.
   Conferences for Kindergarten and Pre- School parents will occur on
November 13, and 14.   More information will be forthcoming regarding those sessions.

     This school bus is empty because faculty members throughout the district will be participating in staff development activities on Monday, October 8, and  there will be NO school for students on that day.  Classes will resume at their regular times on Tuesday, October 9.

     Individual student photos will be taken at Morrison on Friday, November 2, beginning at 9:00 a.m.  Information regarding prices of  the picture packages  will be coming home  with your  son/daughter soon.   For picture packages  to be printed, we  must receive  payment prior to the  pictures being taken.  Money envelopes will be sent home on Thursday, November 1.

     Some space remains for vendors at our P.T.O. Arts and  Crafts Fair on  Saturday, November  3, from 9:00 - 3:00  p.m.  If you or a  friend are into crafts  and have items for  sale, we request  that  you contact  the Morrison  School office at 593-5445 about renting a booth at our highly popular P.T.O. Arts and Crafts Fair on November 3.  It's a great day!

     The Morrison P.T.O. has invited all candidates for the Athens City Board of Education to an important  "MEET THE SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES"program on Tuesday, October 23, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the multi-purpose room at Morrison. A total of four candidates  are running for three seatsincluding incumbents Cathy Cordingley and Jeff Dill along with newcomers Bruce Nottke and Wayne Horsley.  The three  persons  elected to  the five  member  board will  help make  important decisions regarding policy and priorities throughout the next four years.  What are the priorities of candidates for the school board?  How will their priorities affect your children at Morrison?   These and other areas will be explored during our Meet the Candidates.
     We invite all Morrison families and other interested persons to become better informed  voters on November 6, by attending and participating at our "Meet the School Board Candidates" program on Tuesday, October 23, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

     When you visit Morrison the next time, you will see a beautiful red, white, and blue ribbon and 4 stars painted on a wooden board hanging near the school's front entrance.  This artistic project was done by Verna Lazear, a parent at West Elementary. Mr. Gordon viewed a similar work of art hanging on the front of West and asked Mrs. Lazear if she would design one for Morrison which she kindly agreed to do.  The stars below the red, white and blue ribbon represent the 4 airplanes which crashed on September 11.

     Soon we will be publishing the Morrison Student Directory.  It contains student and parent names, telephone numbers (home and work) and addresses.  If you do NOT want your telephone number listed in the directory, please contact the principal's office at 593-5445 by no later than Thursday, October 21.  Otherwise the information listed above will appear.

     The Cincinnati Playhouse In The Park Outreach Touring Program performs a musical about nutrition for students at Morrison on Monday, October 29, at 9:15 as part of the Jack Sprat Low Fat World Tour.  Students in grades P-6 will attend this entertaining show.  We thank school nurse, Janalee Stock for the opportunity to hold this performance at Morrison.

     Ask a fourth grader where to start if you want to make a pizza and they could very well reply, "With  Dirt!"  The Athens  County Farm Bureau  sponsored an AG  Awareness Day  recently at the  fairgrounds.  Students were treated to a special presentation by COSI.  At 10 different stations students saw a horse being shod, a lamb being shorn, learned about composting, fire safety, had fun at a petting station, and more. Students received free
t-shirts claiming themselves as farm experience survivors.  Following the trip, children were given goodie bags containing pencils, edible soy nuts, soy crayons and  books.  Yes, we do need dirt to make a pizza (i.e. grow the wheat, produce the tomatoes, feed the cows to get the milk to make the cheese...)

     Traveling across our country has become  more complicated since September 11.  Thus, we want to inform parents now of the date for Grandparents' / Senior  Friends Day so that transportation arrangements and other planning may begin soon. Our annual day to recognize grandparents will occur on THURSDAY, April 18, 2002.   If your child's grandparent(s) is unable to attend, please invite an older friend who could help make this a special day for your son or daughter.  We look forward to your family's participation in this special event

 The next meeting of our P.T.O. will
occur on Monday, November 15, at 7:00p.m. in the conference room at Morrison.  All members are invited to attend.

     Lessons in the democratic process will begin shortly when our student council campaign gets underway.  Students interested in running  for elected offices  will soon meet with  advisors, Mrs.  Michigan and Mrs.  Mullins along with  Mr. Gordon.  This  will be followed by  a primary election, a "Meet the Candidates" assembly, and Election day for officers on November 6.
     We encourage interested students in grades 4-6 to get involved in this forthcoming election either as a candidate, campaign manager, or precinct worker.

     Once again, our school district is in GREAT need of substitute teachers.   To be a substitute teacher, one needs to possess a teaching certificate or have at least a college degree.  We also could utilize substitute aides to work with both regular and special education students.  If you are interested, please contact the superintendent's office.

     School will be dismissed EARLY (1:30) TWICE in November.  The dates are: Thursday, November 1, and Thursday, November 15.  Most students should be  home by 2:00 on  these two days.   Please make the  necessary child care  arrangements.   These early  dismissals enable teachers to participate in staff development activities which  benefits our students.

     Recently, we have been having problems with students arriving after school begins, sometimes as much as 30 - 50 minutes late without acceptable excuses.  When this happens, our classes are interrupted and instruction for all children is affected. This situation cannot continue.  Children are late if they arrive after 9:00.   Tardiness will result in a loss of school privileges including recess for repeat offenders.  Parents who transport children are requested to set their alarm clocks and plan on arriving at Morrison between 8:45 - 9:00 a.m. daily.

If the Shoe  Fits
     This year's  Drama Club  production of Karen Woodford's If the Shoe Fits transports us to the fictional Kingdom of Kravitz, where our Prince Owen finds himself caught up in tradition.  Although the king is a stickler for tradition, wanting the prince to settle down and marry, Prince Owen would rather go to college and study computers in order to bring the Kingdom into the 21st century.  (After all, the Kingdom of Kravitz is the only kingdom without a web page!)  What to do, what to do?!
     Our cast of characters includes: Danielle Fultz, Doug Chiki, Ricky Frame, James DeGraw, Shane Bugeja, Ebony Smith, Katie Selander, Emily Climer, Erin Mazzocca, Sam Williams, Shannon Clary, Bekah Grippa, Ellie Andrews, Kara Endick, Brittany McIntyre, Megan Ramirez, Lyndsey Noftz, Ellie Dudding, Tabitha Peters, Tennye' Griffin, Megan McCoy, Brian Follrod, Lauren Herpy, Megan Gilfert, Ben Williford, Sophia Chen, Kayla Nicholson, Jessica Gilkey, Kerrigan Boyd, Suzy Hixson, Emma Ryan, and Jordan Scali.
     FABULOUS crew members who are already hard at work to get all our backstage areas going are Robert Carpenter, Sarah Chapman, Brynnie deLange, Joe Gilkey, Ashley Luehrman, Jhalak Mehta, Catherine Meyer, Bethany Miller, Jennifer Stretton, and Rochelle Withem.
     The performance is currently scheduled for Friday, March 8, 2002 at 7:00 p.m.  Watch for further details as the time draws closer!

Happy October From Your School Counselors!
     Your child's days are busy and full here at school. Most children are settling into a routine. Routines provide structure and comfort for all children (and adults, too) giving them a sense of security. This enables them to perform at their BEST. Has your child developed the routine of using an assignment book?  of establishing a consistent time and place to do homework? Does your child have a regular bedtime? an opportunity to participate in  family discussions (perhaps around the dinner table)?
     This month we are focusing on the Lifeskill of COOPERATION----working together toward a  common goal  (purpose). One of  our common  goals is for all  children to  experience  success. Establishing and following routines will help ensure success in and out of school.
Best Wishes From Your School Counselor,
Patsy Barrington

Last updated on October 22, 2001