Morrison was named a Hall of Fame School in 1984-85, by the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators. Only ten schools in Ohio received this honor during the first year of its being presented.
    In 1988, Ohio's Education 2000 Commission visited Morrison and talked with P.T.O. leaders and school personnel about ways to improve public education.
    On March 8, 1989, Ohio Governor, Richard Celeste chose Morrison as the site of his Town Forum regarding "Funding for Education".
    In 1995, the Ohio Department of Education rewarded Morrison's efforts to improve by proclaiming it a Venture Capital School This distinction brought funding over a five-year period for innovative staff development programs.

  In 1995, the Ohio Division of Wildlife proclaimed Morrison Elementary a Wild School Site for having demonstrated informed, constructive action to benefit people, wildlife, and the environment on the school grounds.

  In 2003, Morrison was recognized with a Silver Award by the Governor's Buckeye Best Healthy Schools Awards Program for our commitment to the health and well-being of our student population.

Last updated on August 12, 2003