Morrison Elementary School is one of five elementary schools in the Athens City School District. This well maintained facility sits on a 16 acre tract of land located at the western edge of the city of Athens, Ohio.  The school opened on February 19, 1980, and was officially dedicated on March 9, 1980.  It replaced a forty-four year old school building that was too small to handle a growing enrollment and whose playground was in the way of a new highway access ramp. Morrison has the distinction of being the only school in the district that is named for a person, Guy Morrison, former president of the local school board.
      In 1990, the school's six acre land lab adjacent to the playground was dedicated.  It is used as part of the instructional program for students at Morrison and neighboring Beacon School.  In 1996, our P.T.O. purchased new playground equipment at a cost of $25,000.  Some of this equipment was placed on the small kindergarten playground in front of the school while a larger section was erected on the large playground behind the building for use by students in grades 1-6.
    Also in 1996, students voted the "Mustang" as the school's mascot.  This horse is featured on school shirts available for students and their families to purchase. School colors are red, white, and blue.
    During the summer of 1999, the interior of Morrison was completely painted.  This was followed in the summer of 2000, with a new concrete parking lot in front of the school.  These improvements greatly enhanced the appearance of Morrison.
   Technology at Morrison took a giant leap forward in January, 2001 when 100 new computers were acquired for the school.  Each classroom now has at least 5 computers and our computer lab is equipped with 24 new computers.  In August, 2002, new computers were added to each of our three sixth grade classrooms and in 2003 5th grade classrooms received new computers. Advancing the technology skills of students and teachers is a priority at Morrison.
    In May, 2002, a new illuminated school sign was erected near the highway in front of the school.  This sign will help inform parents and interested persons of the various events happening at Morrison.  We thank our P.T.O., student council, parents, and the Kiwanis Club of Athens for their financial support of this project.
    The summer of 2003, saw the installation of new carpet in our library, conference room, kindergarten classrooms, and the school office. It replaced carpet that was 23 years old and beginning to show its age.
  Through the combined efforts of the Morrison P.T.O.,parents, students, community groups, and the Athens City Schools, 24,000.00 was raised in 2003-04 to acquire a MIRACLE playsystem for the school's playground.  It was installed on November 15, 2003, by about 20 volunteers and school employees.   Also in 2003-04, new language arts textbooks and related materials were purchased for use in all classrooms, more than 2000 paperback books to supplement our instructional reading program were purchased and a special book room was created to house them, a new fire alarm system was added to the building, and 5 new cafeteria tables were acquired.
   Morrison School is a well maintained learning facility where the staff is committed to providing a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

Last updated on June 16, 2004