Join the parade!  It's back to school time in Athens for the academic year 2004-2005.  The first day of school for Morrison students in grades 1-6 is August 31, 2004.  Kindergarten orientation for parents and students occurs on August 31-September 1, followed by the first day of kindergarten on September 2.  Yes!  Pre-school orientation schedule will be announced soon.

REGISTRATION: To officially register for attendance at Morrison, parents need to supply their child's birth certificate, immunization record, and social security number.  Required immunizations include:
    Hepatitis B Vaccine - three doses
    DPT basic series - four doses plus one booster
    Oral Polio Vaccine - three doses plus 1 booster depending upon child's age.
    MMR - two doses after one year of age for Measles, Mumps, Rubella.
    Tuberculosis test with recorded results
    A physical examination from a physician
    Current address, telephone numbers, and emergency information
    Students in grades 1-6 should bring their most recent report cards.  Parents need to provide school officials with copies of Individual Education Plans (I.E.Ps) for any children identified as eligible to receive special education programing.
 After completing registration, we invite parents and students to take a tour of Morrison  including our playground and land lab.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES:   Parents WILL need to pay a school fee of 25.00 per student to cover the cost of workbooks, newspapers, and other items used by our students.

CLASS ROSTERS:  Class rosters for the 2004-2005 academic year will be posted on the front doors at Morrison beginning on Monday, August 23.  Students and their parents are invited to view the lists at their convenience.  Parents who register children during the school year will be informed of their child's classroom assignment on the day of registration, in most cases.

KINDERGARTEN ROUNDUP/SCREENING:  An annual Kindergarten Roundup / Health Screening is held each Spring for those children who are eligible to attend school the following fall.  Parents are requested to accompany their children during this event.  Materials needed for the registration are the same as those listed in the Registration Requirements section listed above.
    Pre-registration packets will be available for parents to obtain at Morrison in early March. We encourage families to acquire this information to help expedite the registration process.
    Persons with questions should contact the school office at 593-5445.

Last updated on June 16, 2004