John L. Gordon, Principal
   Fourth graders at Morrison passed all five sections of the Ohio Proficiency Test in 1999-2000.  This marks the second consecutive year that our students have passed every section of this difficult test.  Congratulations to our students and their teachers for a job well done.
   Morrison teams in grades 4 and 5 achieved significant honors and recognition for themselves and our school because of their outstanding scores on the National Geography Olympiad.  Fourth graders ranked 2nd in Ohio and in the nation's top 40, while fifth grade students finished 3rd in the state and in the nation's top 50.
Members of the 4th grade team included:
Patrick Lew, Suzi Campanella, Max Jahren, Shay Brooks, Katherine Chen, Mitch Jeffers, Mary Jane Giesey, Conor Hartwick, Akela Jennings, and Christina Wince.
Fifth grade team members were: Drake Bolin, Bryan Young, Claire Lew, Kathy Gulino, Kevin Chen, Harrison Xue, Joey Ipacs, Laura Snoddy, Herby Mullins, and Keely Flaherty.
   We commend these young olympians and their teachers.
   Our fifth grade science Olympians finished 8th in the state on the National Science Olympiad.  Members of this team were: Harrison Xue, Drake Bolin, Kevin Chen, Joey Ipacs, Bryan Young, Jesse Irwin, Ian Robinson, Emily Thatcher, Keely Flaherty, Kathy Gulino, and Laura Snoddy.
   Congratulations to the students and their teachers.
   We were extremely pleased that sixth grader, Jason Akbar won first place with a "Superior" rating at the annual Science and Engineering Day at Ohio University for his Behavioral Science Project.  As a result, he was nominated to participate in the National Discovery Young Scientist Challenge. From 400 semifinalists, 40 finalists will be invited to Washington D.C. This is quite an honor for Jason and our school.  In addition, Samantha Scott, Mo Alam, and Preethy Rangan all received the second highest rating of "Excellent."
   Morrison's 5th and 6th grade team placed 38th in the state among 197 teams in the Eleventh Annual Ohio 5th/6th grade Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl.  Team members who answered 93% of their questions correctly included: Stephen Pearch, Jason Akbar, Mo Alam, Kathryn Gevitz, Tyler McDaniel, and Alex Newman.   Way to go!
   Morrison students who ranked highest in the Ohio Math League Contest were: Katie Jones, Mo Alam, Tyler McDaniel, Alex Newman, and Jesse Irwin.
   The highest academic award given to students at Morrison is the President's Education Award which goes to sixth graders.  Honorees publicly recognized before their peers for earning all "A" grades during the first three grading periods were: Jason Akbar, Mo Alam, Missi Bradshaw, Kathryn Gevitz, Joey Herendez, Rachel Luce, Tyler McDaniel, Alex Newman, Stephan Pearch, and Preethy Rangan.
   Fifth grader, Erin Herpy was chosen as an exhibitor for the Young Peoples' Art Exhibition sponsored by the Ohio Art Education Association and held at the State Office Tower in Columbus.  It is a distinct honor to have one's work chosen because only 200 pieces from the entire state are selected.  In addition, Angela Wince won first place in the Ohio Office of Energy Efficiency Book Mark contest and  Emily Thatcher won 3rd place in the Athens Soil and Water Conservation District poster and essay contest
   Learning how to resolve conflict in one's life is an important skill to acquire. Nearly 60 students in grades 3-6 were trained in peer mediation during two half day sessions at Morrison. Serving as trained mediators during the lunch recess were: Third Graders- Shane Bugeja, Siddhant Das, Kara Endick, Danielle Fultz, Robert Harrington, Chris Ipacs, Hannah Irwin, Cathy Meyer, Bethany Miller, Daniel Rankin, Jordan Scali, Anthony Sylvester, Samantha Williams, Matthew Witten. Fourth Graders- Suzie Campanella, Sophia Chen, Emily Climer, Mary Jane Giesey, Rebekah Grippa, Mitchell Jeffers, Patrick Lew, Ebony Smith, Christina Wince, Katherine Chen, Shannon Clary, Trey Ford, John Schriner, Rachele Young. Fifth Graders-Dylan Armstrong, Drake Bolin, Kat Carpenter, Keely Flaherty, Arie Frame, Jesse Irwin, Joey Ipacs, Michael Malesick, Abby Mathews, Emily Thatcher, Courtney Allen, Kirk Harper, Erin Herpy, Ian Robinson, Bryan Young. Sixth Graders- Jason Akbar, Mo Alam, Molly Bail, Sarah Gaskell, Kathryn Gevitz, Stefan Linder, Rachel Luce, Alex Newman, Allison Raley, Preethy Rangan, Charon Smith, Samantha Scott, Heather Bobo, Joey Hernandez, Akilah Ruiz, E.J. Thornton.
    Advisor to the peer mediators was teacher, Marilyn Dodrill
   Morrison's bands have grown significantly in the past two years both in numbers and in the quality of their performance.  In 1999- 2000, the fifth grade band numbered 27 students while the sixth grade musicians included 16 members.  These 43 students were directed by Kim Howell and David Turrell.  Members were: Fifth Grade-Keely Flaherty, Erin Herpy, Laura Snoddy, Claire Lew, Katie Follrod, Drake Bolin, Olivia Sole, Bryan Young, Shireen Aftabizadeh, Toshe Byrd, Abby Matthews, Jessica Schlabach, Courtney Allen, Kaitlynd Full, Andrea Schey, Joey Ipacs, Ga-Jen Lin, Michael Malesick, Dylan Armstrong, Kat Carpenter, Patrick Hale, Dana Peck, Ian Robinson, Angela Wince, Mackey Newman, Kirk Harper, and Michael Ingle. Sixth Grade-Alex Newman, Preethy Rangan, Nicole Trobough, Samantha Scott, Mo Alam, Kathryn Gevitz, Akilah Ruiz, Lee Carlsen, Tyler McDaniel, Joey Hernandez, Chris Bunch, Stefan Linder, Alex Moody, Stephen Pearch, Kye Wright, and Chris Love.
     The 1999-2000 school year marked our fourth year of conducting Parent-Student- Teacher Goal Setting Conferences in grades 1-6.  During September and October, goal setting conferences involving students, parents, and teachers occurred.  Follow up conferences were held in February and April.  More than 95% of our families participated.  We believe these sessions are highly beneficial in improving communication between home and school and in promoting student achievement.  Thanks to our families for their participation
   An evening of instrumental music and physical education demonstrations occurred at Morrison in April when the second annual Music on Court program was performed.  Under the direction of teachers, Kim Howell and David Turrell, instrumental music students in grades 4-6 performed various selections on their instruments. Following the music, physical education students in grades 4-6 demonstrated skills they had learned from teacher, Scott Porterfield.  Parents were invited to join the action during a basketball activity. We appreciate having a large audience of parents in attendance for our Music on Court program.
   Our musical group, "Kids Next Door"consisting of seventy-five 5th and 6th graders was active during the 1999-00 school year.  They marched in the Veteran's Day parade and sang as part of that program. The singers performed at the University Mall in December, for Grandparents' Day in April, and as part of the Mus-Art Show in May. Directing the group was teacher, Marilyn Dodrill.
   Fourth and fifth graders discovered what it was like traveling west and living on the frontier after they participated in Pioneer Day in April.  Students joined in numerous interesting activities including: quilting, basket weaving, chair caning, lace making, wood carving, animals and trapping, flintknapping, spinning, pioneer toys and games, food preparation including butter making, johnny cakes and sassafras tea.  Our young "pioneers"  also got to view several antiques, met an Eastern Woodlands Indian and a young George Washington portrayed by students from Hocking College    This event was organized by teachers, Lynne Conroy and Sabrina Kotts with lots of help from colleagues and parents.
   Morrison School turned twenty years old on February 19, 2000.  The building
continues to be an excellent and well- maintained learning facility.  Significant improvements occurred to the school during the 1990s including: implementation of a computer automated library, creation of a six acre land lab, acquisition of the "miracle" playground equipment, development of two technology labs and Internet access throughout the school, complete painting of the school's interior,  and installation of telephones, television and video cassette recorders in all classrooms.  Major improvements to the school's parking lot and front sidewalk occurred during the summer of 2000.  Principal John Gordon was quoted recently as stating, "Morrison School is a very good facility that should serve students well into the 21st century so long as we continue to make needed physical improvements and updates in a timely and thoughtful manner."
   Through the generosity of students and their parents, Morrison's Jump Rope For Heart program raised $2,796.11 to help support the American Heart Association in the battle against heart disease and stroke.  During the past two years, students at Morrison have raised nearly $6,000 for this program. We commend teacher, Scott Porterfield for his leadership, and our students and parents for their fine contributions.
   Thanks to all families who helped with the Box Tops for Education program.  During the 1999-2000 school year, Morrison was able to redeem box tops for $1,016.55 which will be used by the P.T.O. for important school projects.  Pizza parties were enjoyed by the students in Mrs. Watson's class and those in Mrs. Conroy's class for having collected the most box tops.  Directing this successful activity was parent, Margie Innis.
     Grandparents' Day happened at Morrison on April 20. More than 300 grandparents and senior friends from fourteen states visited Morrison.  They were greeted by Principal John Gordon, P.T.O. Co- Presidents Steve and Brenda Noftz, and Student Council President, Mo Alam. Guests enjoyed a performance by the "Kids Next Door", observed activities in class- rooms, ate a catered lunch, had pictures taken with their grandchildren, and renewed old acquaintances. The parent chair was Janis Schriner who worked with staff committee members and parent volunteers to organize an enjoyable event.
     Fifth graders and their teachers traveled to Woodland Altars near Peebles, Ohio in May for three days and two nights of outdoor education activities.  This was a memorable experience for our young people. Coordinating this event was faculty member, Sheila Van Dyke who received help from teachers, Lynne Conroy, Lora Lavelle, Mike Brawley, and Officer Rick Crosson.
     Morrison's Field Day occurred on Friday, May 21.  It was organized by committee members, Lesley Michigan, Scott Porterfield, Connie Watson, Melanie Lunsford, Heidi Mullins, and John Gordon.  Student council, parent volunteers,  members of Golden Key National Honor Society, and volunteers from the Ohio Lottery Commission provided the help needed to staff  many events. Young gymnasts, high school soccer and track athletes, and O.U. volleyball players were on hand to demonstrate their athletic skills. The day concluded with the Holzaepfel Memorial race to determine the "fastest runner" at Morrison. That honor was won by fifth grader, Jesse Irwin who received an engraved plaque for his superb efforts.
     Refreshments were provided by the student council.
1.  Morrison received a fresh coat of paint during the summer of 1999 which greatly improved classroom lighting and appearance.
2.  Students in grades K-6 began using new math materials.
3.  Telephones, televisions, and video cassette recorders were installed in all classrooms.
4.   Every teacher was provided with an overhead projector.
5.  A new software program was acquired which enables teachers to access the total library collection from computers in their classrooms.
6.  Teacher, Lynne Conroy received her Master's Degree. Six Morrison teachers have earned their Master's degrees during the past two years.
7.  The peer mediation program begun in 1997, was expanded and continued to help resolve playground conflicts among students.
8.  The school's parking lot and sidewalk were rebuilt and additional entrance lighting provided during the summer of 2000.
1.  Larger school budgets are required for the acquisition of up-to-date technology, new instructional equipment, textbooks, and classroom furniture.
2.  Morrison students and staff members need to be included in more district grants and programs that can intensify educational opportunities for our young people and hone the skills of staff members.
3.  More staff development relative to technology should be provided to staff members at their work site so they can comfortably integrate skills acquired into their regular instruction.
 Plans for 2000-2001 include:
1.  Continuing the successful parent-student- teacher goal setting conferences.
2.  Focusing greater attention on math in grades K-6.
3. Working to improve targeted areas on the Ohio Proficiency Tests.
4. Expanding our peer mediation program.
5. Promoting student "connectedness" through the "Buddies" Program and other inclusive activities.
6. Examining ways of updating instructional materials and equipment.
7.  Providing pertinent staff development programs at Morrison following early dismissals throughout the school year.
8. Perpetuating a cooperative working relationship with parents, the P.T.O. and other volunteer groups interested in assisting staff and enhancing the education of our students.