Athens Area Women's Resource Guide

This is the Athens Area Women's Resource Guide, base on a hard copy
printed in 1995 by WEBS and the Women's Business Resource Program here in
Athens.  The hard copy is currently being updated by Judy Daso, of Alden
Library.  In the meantime, we have these categories and entries.  Drop a
line to myself (Kate MacArthur -- or to Judy with
ideas and suggestions for both versions.

Business Services

Children's & Teens' Services


Counseling & Support Services

Day Care

Drug & Alcohol Services

Education & Training Programs



Health & Medical Services


Legal Services


Managing Your Money

Pregnancy & Infant Care

Senior Citizens' Services



Veterans' Services

Victims' Services

"800" Hotline Listings

Many Thanks to Our Sponsors

We wish to thank our sponsors without whose generous support neither
the electronic nor the hardcopy versions would be available to the many
women in Athens County who need them.  Thank you.

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Last Updated: 1 September 1998