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Meeting Information

Board Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month from September through May. Membership Meetings are planned for November, January, February, and March to update the membership on League Program positions. Dates and places will be announced. The Annual Meeting will take place April 25, 1996. Members are welcome at all meetings. Nonmembers are welcomed at all membership meetings and invited to join the LWVAC at any time during the League Year.


Upcoming Events

The League annually sponsors a "Voter's Guide" and a Candidates Night to help prepare voters for the coming election. The "Voter's Guide" will be published as a part of "The Athens Messenger" just prior to the election.

News and Issues

The 1995-1996 LWVAC public meetings will address Education in Athens County, the Welfare of Children in Athens County, and voting issues, including "Motor Voter," Campaign Finance Reform, and Voter representativeness. The League will continue to monitor and take appropriate action on its advocacy agenda in a variety of other areas in which prior studies have led to a support position at local, state or national levels.

Last updated: 1 January 1996