Current and pending legislation of interest to women.  Check it out, and
then use some of those contacts in the government section to urge it 
through or try to kill it.   Provided courtesy of the Women's Policy &
Research Commission.

Ohio Legislation

Federal Legislation

Please note that Commission members have decided to postpone future legislative updates until the 123rd General Assembly begins in 1999, as the legislature will not be in full session toward the end of the biennium. A full report of enacted legislation of special interest to women from the 122nd General Assembly will appear in the next issue of Ohio Women, published by the Ohio Women's Policy and Research Commission.

Interviews and Profiles

 Interviews & profiles of prominent women legislators.

Other Relevant Links

You may note that I've included a lot of Law and Legal items in this
section.  Quite frankly, I didn't know where else to put it and having a
separate Law/Legal heading, seemed a little redundant.  There's also some
other good stuff in here, too.  Enjoy.

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