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WEBS stands for Women Education Business Support. It was founded in 1992 by local women who wanted to create a warm, safe, supportive environment for women in southeast Ohio. Its goal is to empower women through educational, economic and cultural endeavors. Our efforts have been felt in many areas.


A lending library has been set up containing over 500 volumes, with a continual influx of new donations. We also have an expanding selection of videos and books on tape. We have increased the circulation of our newsletter, Wimmin's Ink, to 500 and the average number of pages to fourteen. The newsletter has been a voice for many underrepresented, divergent, and sometimes controversial opinions. WEBS sponsors "Take Our Daughters to Work" Days, "Take Back the Night" marches and events, Coming Out Week, support groups, coffeehouses, and our monthly feminist forums, ForUs.


WEBS provides excellent opportunites to learn and improve skills. As a non-profit organization, there is much work to be done in the areas of fundraising, membership and promotion. Volunteer positions are available producing brochures, press releases, annual reports, and the Wimmin's Ink newsletter. We can help you learn secretarial skills, marketing, networking, Internet and computer programs. You can get experience in grant writing, ad sales, and a variety of fundraising techniques. This is valuable for student interns, those wanting to start or change careers, and women who need to keep their minds active and to contribute to their community.


WEBS sponsors many musical events: coffeehouses, concerts, women's music nights and women's dances. WEBS hosts poetry readings and art exhibits. WEBS has focused on women's environmental, gay/lesbian, and international issues.


WEBS has become a part of the Athens and Ohio University community in many ways. WEBS provides meeting space for Students for Women's Issues, the Hocking Valley Greens, the Women's Salons, Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Careline, Planned Parenthood, and AIDS Awareness Training. WEBS networks with many area groups, such as Rural Action, O.U. Women's Studies, Athens Area N.O.W., the Athens Chapter of A.A.U.W., Women's Business Resource Program, Appalachian Peace & Justice Network, United Campus Ministry, AIDS Task Force, International Student Union, and My Sister's Place. WEBS sponsors student interns and works closely with student groups. WEBS received the 1994 Peace and Justice Award from the United Campus Ministry and was recognized by the O.U. Department of Women's Studies for putting Feminism Into Practice.
WEBS can be found at 18 North College Street, Athens, OH 45701, and may be reached at 740-594-7670

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Last Updated: 5 May 1999