Date: Thu, 20 Oct 1994 01:22:09 GMT

          Southeastern Ohio Regional Free-Net (SEORF)
          Special Interest Area Registration Form - REVISION 1

Submitting this document will register members of the SEORF community who
represent groups or organizations that wish to sponsor their own Special
Interest Group (SIG) menu areas on SEORF as Coordinators of their SIGs.

Compose answers to the following questions and discuss them with members
of your organization and the SEORF Advisory as the first step in SIG
development.  For ideas about possible menu choices and ways to organize
them look at the existing SIGs under the Local/Regional Areas of Interest
menu choice on SEORF.  When you have completed this form, submit it either
by e-mail (addressed to xx000@seorf) or by US mail (PO Box 5621, Athens,
OH  45701).

|SIG Account Name:                         SIG Account Login:        |
|     (These will be assigned when your SIG is activated.)           |

1. Group/Organization Name and Address:

2. Contact Persons' Names and Addresses (provide at least two):

3. Contact Persons' SEORF Account Logins:

4. Briefly describe the purpose of your group/organization and what sorts
of information you wish to provide and/or discussions you wish to sponsor

5. Will this SIG accept postings from SEORF Members? ____Y  ____N

 a. If yes, will postings be moderated? ____Y   ____N

 b. Briefly describe the nature of the postings you anticipate:

6. Menu Choices: (Make their titles as descriptive as possible, and make
their depth shallow.)

 a. Main Menu Title Choice:

 b. Sub-menu List and contents descriptions:

 c. Sub-sub-menus (if any) and contents descriptions: