If you are looking for someone on SEORF, thats as easy as going to the area withing 'SEORF local and regional interest areas' and selecting 'Show users of SEORF' and then selecting
'(?) Find the login id of someone on S.E.O.R.F.'
Then hit enter and type the FULL name of the person you are looking for. You can type just their first name or second name or both, it doesn't matter. You cannot, as of yet, type part of their name.

For Example:

To look for Athens City Council, try typing in 'Athens' and you will see that ALL SEORF account names that have the word 'Athens' in its name will show up. However, if you type in 'council' - all the 'councils will show up. And is you typed 'Athens City Council' - you would get only Athens City Council.

If you use your arrow keys to select anyone of the 'athens' items that showed up you will see a message like this. What you are seeing is some info about when the person using the Athens City Council account last logged in and how recently they looked at their mail and also what is called their 'plan file.'

A plan file is the information you want people to know about you. You can list info about profession, favorite movies and books, or funny quote that you like, or a bad joke. Whatever you want people to know about yourself, so that if they look you up they might want to contact you about your personal interests. It is VERY important that you create one! You never know who else is out there that might have the same interests as you.