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Going Places
What's an URL?
Bookmarking (or collecting URLs)
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Try this:

All the WWW-Lynx commands can be found by typing a '?' (question mark) or 'H' (capital H) at anytime when you are NOT viewing Email. Then select at the top of the menu, Key-stroke commands.

Going Places

The 'g' command is a VERY useful tool. If you have a 'non-under 18' SEORF account all you have to do is type the letter 'g' (lower case and without the ' ') then type in an URL of your choice, hit return or enter (depending on your keyboard).

What's an URL?

An URL (a.k.a. Universal Resource Locator in 'Net-Speak') is, more or less a zip-code on the Internet. Every document, directory, web page, gopher, ftp site, etc. has its own unique 'zip-code', or URL. This is how the SEORF finds what you are looking for when you choose a 'link' (a highlighted word or phrase) or type in the URL when typing 'g' to 'go' someplace on the Internet.

For example, the URL for the White House is

O.K., now try typing 'g' then '' and hit enter or return and see what happens!

URLs come in many different forms. Such as, 'gopher://'. 'ftp://', 'http://' and sometimes 'file://'. Don't worry about these differences, they are just different ways of getting information and some are more user-friendly than others.

>p>The most important thing is to type the URL EXACTLY is it was written when you learned about it. ANY misspellings will cause the URL to not connect.

If you read computer magazines, such as WIRED, Internet World, or Inter@ctive, you will find many references to URLs and what to type to browse information on the Internet.

Bookmarking (or collecting URLs)

One of the most common questions from SEORF users is, 'how do I find the information again, the next time I log in?'. Bookmarking is a simple easy way to find it again without having to wander through the complicated paths and turns one takes on this 'info highway.'

There are two ways to bookmark:
Bookmarking Links for example:
Bill Clinton's The White House
Newt Gingrich's Thomas - Congress on the Net
BrianLamb's C-SPAN

You can book mark any or all of these link individually by typing:

'a' then 'l' (lower case L ) for 'link'

once you have done this, please type 'v' to 'view' your bookmarks. 'v' will take you to your bookmark file where all your saved bookmarks will exist until you decide to erase them individually.

Bookmarking documents (or web pages)

Bookmarking documents or web pages is easy but is often conceptually difficult for people. Most people bookmark documents when they have found an URL to type in after they type the 'g' command.

The reason bookmarking documents is difficult for some to conceptualize is that you are bookmarking the web page or 'area' that you are presently viewing, rather than the individual link on that page.

Try this illustration:

enter this link ----> U.S. Government Online