a-z,0-9 Select/deselect the indicated item by its letter or number.  Many of
        the alpha letters are ommitted for the following commands.
SP      Perform the default command (usually > or Z).
CR      Start reading.  Selects the current item if nothing is selected.
Z,TAB   Start reading.  If nothing is selected, read all unread articles.
.       Toggle the current item's selection.
*       Same as '.' except that it affects all items with the same subject.
#       Read the current item only, temporarily ignoring all other selections.
k, ','  Mark the current item as killed.
m, \    Unmark the current item.
-       Set a range, as in d - f.  Repeats the last marking action.
@       Toggle the selection of all visible items.
M       Mark the current item's article(s) as to-return and kill the item.
Y       Yank back and select articles marked to return via M.
E       Toggle exclusion of non-selected items from the selection list.
n, ]    Move down to the next item (try down-arrow also).
p, [    Move up to the previous item (try up-arrow also).
<, >    Go to previous/next page (try left-/right-arrow also).
^, $    Go to first/last page.
S       Set what the selector displays:  threads, subjects, or articles.
        If the group is unthreaded, choosing threads will thread it.
=       Toggle between the article and thread/subject selector.
O       Set the selector's order.  A separate default is kept for the
        article and subject/thread selector.
R       Reverse the current sort order.
L       Switch the display between a short style without authors and a
        medium or long style with authors.
U       Switch between selecting unread/read articles.
X       Mark all unselected articles as read and start reading.
D       Mark unselected articles on the current page as read.  Start
        reading if articles were selected, else go to next page.
J       Junk all selected articles (mark them as read).
c       Catch up -- marks ALL articles as read without chasing xrefs.
A       Add current subject to memorized commands (selection or killing).
T       Add current thread to memorized commands (selection or killing).
^K      Edit local KILL file (the one for this newsgroup).
N       Leave this group as-is and go on to the next one.
P       Leave this group as-is and go on to the previous one.
:cmd    Perform a command on all the selected articles.
        Scan all articles for a subject containing pattern.
        (Append f to scan the from line, h to scan whole headers, a to scan
        entire articles, c to make it case-sensitive, r to scan read articles
        (assumed when you are selecting read articles to set unread.)
        Apply one or more commands to the set of articles matching pattern.
        Use a K modifier to save entire command to the KILL file for this
        newsgroup.  Commands m and M, if first, imply an r modifier.
        Valid commands are: e, E, j, m, M, s, S, t, T, !, =, ',' and the
        article/thread (de)selection commands: +/++ (-/--).
&       View or set command line switches.
&&      View or set macro definitions.
!cmd    Escape to a subshell.
q       Quit the selector.
Q       Quit group and return to news group selection prompt for this group.