Message 1/40  From Patrick. D. Quinn II            Nov 30 1994 15:23:39 +1500

From: (Patrick. D. Quinn II)
Subject: Hello,from Federal Hocking High School.
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Organization: South Eastern Ohio Regional Freenet
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 1994 15:23:39 GMT

        Hello from Federal Hocking High School.  My name is Patrick Quinn,
a student here, and I use Seorf quite often.  I think that Seorf is very
helpful for almost everybody.  It can be used to help you find almost
whatever you want. It can help you find information on class assignments,
recreation, and other personal intrests.  I use it to find sports scores and
on projects here at school.  It can help almost anyone so I think everyobody
should give it a try.
                                                      Patrick Quinn