Diversity University

Diversity University MOO is a real-time chat service on the Internet for the educational, non-profit oriented online communities. ALL are welcome to join and enjoy the creative spirit of this community. If you wish to join DU, type @register and answer all the questions and in a week or so you will recieve an account (or 'character' as they call it).

Please read and obey the guidelines for joining this community. Annoying and rude behavior is not tolarated here but the ability to create your own 'rooms' is allowed and encouraged.

If you have any further questions about DU and how to get around in this kind of online environment please email Jonathan Prince - aa078@seorf.ohiou.edu for more information and help.

More information about instructions and other help concerning DU will be added to this page at a later date.

Enjoy, and make lots of friends!!

- Jonathan