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        Business Committee                       Regional  Outreach
         - Operations                             - Cooperative Advisor 
         - Funding                                - Public Relations
         - Public Relations
         - Accounts

        Local Advisory                           Technical & Systems 
         - Training                               - Equipment
         - Information Providors                  - System Design
         - SIG Development                        - System Maintenance
                                                  - Research & Development

What is SEORF

Who runs SEORF

SEORF is sponsored by Ohio University's Telecommunications Center and Computerscience Dept (or whatever they might be called these days). Currently, SEORF is run by a Steering Committee of the following folks: Damien Bawn - Federal Hocking High School Amy Borgstrom Sommers - ACENet Tom Stork - Athens High School Tim Myers - OU Telecommunications Center John Tysko - OU Computer Science Dept Michel Perdreau - National Business Incubation Association Doug Green - Athens Co. SBDC Jonathan Prince - Rural Action/VISTA SEORF turf? Why me?! How do I start? Business Committee Regional Outreach Local Advisory Technical & Systems