The Oklahoma Bombing:
News Updates and related info

A sympathy card is being constructed for the victims and citizens in OKC. Mail your message to and you will recieve a note back within 24 hours telling you how to look at the card. In addition, after the card is signed more it will be sent to Oklahoma City internet sites. View the card.

Internet sites with information about the Oklahoma bombing.

- UseNet Newsgroups:

misc.activism.militia - a moderated discussion for/against 'citizen militias'.

- Information about and/or from the 'Citizen Militias'

* Time Magazine's article: 'Patriot Games'
* The National Rifle Association's statement on Militias
* The Anti-Defamation League's Special Investigation Report on the Militia Movement. Please the ADL's small report on Militia activities in Southern Ohio.
* Covert Action Quarterly's article: 'The Rise of the Militias'
* An archive of Pro-Militia information collected by and for Militia organizations and members.

- Various Web Pages

The US Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service's (CSREES)'s Web page on the Oklahoma Bombing
Photos of the bomb site, as well as links to other World Wide Web sites.
TV station KWTV 9, Oklahoma. Has information about where to send donations, stories, places to call for support.
Bombing Info and headlines from and The Oklahoma Daily, the student newspaper from the University of Oklahoma at Norman. Stories and photos.
Updates on the disaster. Social Workers Advocating Network technologies. Updates on the disaster.
Nando Times Special Report. Dozens of updated stories on the bombing. as well as a well-organized photo gallery.
Internet Oklahoma. Stories by an Internet provider, including eyewitness reports.
A list of known survivors
Unofficial news updates, as well as links to other hospital lists.
Links to a number of other sites about the bombing, including Griefnet, a site with articles about dealing with a major loss.

also see Yahoo's list @
Yahoo Web Page on Bombing

Ohio Militias Several militia-like groups have arisen in scattered communities in the State of Ohio. One such militia has been meeting and conducting paramilitary training exercises in Pike County in rural south central Ohio. There is overlapping participation, and a weapons-sales connection, among the Pike County militia, the neo-Nazi SS Action Group and the Ku Klux Klan. Other militia groups have arisen in Franklin County and Warren County. A militia-type group called "Patriots" meets in Cincinnati and conducts paramilitary exercises in rural Clermont County.