Athens County League of Women Voters

Program 2003-2004


Support a funding system for public elementary and secondary education that is realistic, equitable, accountable, and responsive to the taxpayer.

Support the use of public funds for public schools only.

Support state education standards that are developed in a timely open process that includes appropriate, multiple forms of assessment.

Voter Services

Support the protection of every citizen's right to vote.

Support the premise that democratic government depends upon the informed and active participation of its citizens.

Support the removal of all barriers to voting.

Welfare Services

Monitor the impact of welfare reform on the quality of life for children and families in Athens County.

Waste Disposal

Provide public education concerning the massive problem of waste disposal and hazardous wastes in Athens County, Ohio and the United States.

Mental and Physical Health Services

Focus on community and area cooperation in achieving comprehensive private and public health services for seniors in Athens County.

Role of Government

Focus on protection of citizens from domestic violence.

Focus on land use planning for Athens County, including protection of the flood plain and water resources, economic development, and infrastructure.


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