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Newsletter of Athens County League of Women Voters

February 2010


From the Co-presidents


                                                                                                            January 15, 2009

     On January 26th, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, the City of Athens will hold a Town Hall Meeting at the Community Center to solicit citizen input in order to identify local priorities and concerns.  Following a brief update by the Mayor, a ninety-minute "open microphone" session will be held to invite citizens to discuss local community challenges and indicate their top priorities. At the June, 2010, Town Hall Meeting, the City will discuss what steps it has taken to address the concerns raised at the January meeting.

The purpose of the Town Hall Meetings is to increase shared governance and improve the accountability of City government. To this end, the pairing of a January Town Hall Meeting soliciting input and a June Town Hall Meeting describing the City Administration’s responses is intended to become an annual feature of Athens City Government.

The Athens Town Hall Meetings are sponsored by the City of Athens and the League of Women Voters of Athens County.


On April 6 the LWVAC will hold a consensus meeting on State Taxation and Finance, responding to a proposal from the State League.  In preparation for the consensus discussion, Ellsworth has introduced to the board an Alternative-Assessment Array approach for that consensus meeting.

As a “practice problem,” the board has been using this Array on the topic of Social Security Reform.  The March 2 Members Meeting will be devoted to Social Security Reform as a challenge in its own right and as an introduction to the Alternative-Assessment Array.



                                                            Ellsworth Holden and Carol Patterson, Co-presidents



2009-2010 Officers


Co-Presidents:   Ellsworth Holden  and  Carol Patterson

Co-Vice Presidents:  Dana Carlson  and  Sarah Watling

Secretary:  Mary Wryst

Treasurer:  Mary Costello


Board Members:   Tim Foran,  Katherine Jellison,  Elaine Mather,  Debbie Schmieding,  Karen Harvey,  Muriel Grim


Calendar for 2010


January 5 ==== Consensus Process

January 26 === Town Hall Meeting

February 2 === LWVAC and LWVUS Program Planning Meeting

March 2 ===== Social Security Reform

April 6 ====== Taxation and Finances

April 8 ====== Town Hall Meeting

May     ====== Annual Meeting


For questions about anything you see in the newsletter or for meeting information, email







January LWVO Board Meeting

From the report on the January 15-16 meeting of the  LWV-Ohio and LWV-Ohio Education Fund Board:

1. Approved the consensus questions for the State Finance and Tax Study Update.

2. Approved questions for statewide and regional candidates for the May primary’s Voters’ Guide.

3. Approved recommending a national study on consumer protections related to financial institutions for LWVUS program planning.

 4. Discussed and got updates about on-going League efforts for redistricting, election and judicial reform; options for state League’s use of social networking;  2011 Convention planning.


Statehouse Day

Registration has begun for Statehouse Day/ Council 2010 on April 14, 2010, in Columbus  In addition to the usual events and a vote on the LWVO budget, there will be a small celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the League of Women Voters.  







LWVAC Board Meeting

The February meeting of the LWVAC Board of Directors will be held at 5:30 pm on February 2 at the Hocking Valley Bank meeting room immediately preceding the LWVAC General Meeting.







Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hocking Valley Bank Meeting Room

(across the street from the bank on Stimson Avenue)

LWVUS & LWVAC Program Planning Meeting


Our opportunity to provide input to the issues positions of the national League


The Digital Age

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