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LWVUS Sponsored Discussion ListServs
LWVUS Sponsored One-Way Announcement Listservs
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LWVUS Sponsored Discussion ListServs:

1. - This list is for current and former LWV state, local and ILO presidents. The focus of this list is to share information on issues related to being a League president.

2. - This list is designed as an interactive tool for all League members to discuss membership outreach ideas, share success stories, create networks nationwide and provide support to each other, Open to all members and League membership chairs are encouraged to subscribe to the listserv

3. - This list encourages focused conversation and the exchange of relevant information and resources on campaign finance reform among committed activists nationwide.

4. - This list is for discussion on trade issues and the trade study discussions.


LWVUS Sponsored One-Way Announcement Listservs:

1. - This network of state and local League's, individual League members and other interested parties acts as a rapid-response team to get the League's message to Congress in a highly effective and timely manner. The network receives e-mail lobby requests from the LWVUS for quick, targeted and sometimes last-minute lobbying on priority issues before critical congressional votes

2. - This one-way list offers updates on breaking information from the LWVUS, such as public statements on election reforms, announcing organizing opportunities such as the Online Petition as a mechanism to help members get the latest news about the League as quickly and efficiently as possible. Expect updates about what's new on the public site and in the member's area. Open to all members.

To Subscribe to the Above LWVUS Sponsored Lists:

Go to the LWVUS website (
Click on the Members Only section on the right side of the screen

Enter username "lwv" and the password "carriecatt"

Once you have gained access to the Members Only section, click on "communicate with other activists through our Online Grassroots Network"
Complete requested information (name, address, etc.)
Select which listserv(s) you would like to subscribe to
Click submit at the bottom of the screen

Go to now.

How to do anything with LWVUS sponsored listservs via Lyris:

Go to the following URL:
Click on "LWV Mailing Lists"
Click on the name of the mailing list
Type your email address in the requested place. You will not need a password
Click "Click to Enter"

How to view the archived messages on a LWVUS sponsored listserv:

Click on Read Messages

To change your e-mail address:

Click "Your Settings"
Adjust email address as necessary
Click Save

To unsubscribe from the listserv:

Click Leave (Unsubscribe)

Other League Listervs:

1. LWV Topics Listserv: This forum is a general LWV discussion group that covers any topics dealing with the LWV or its programs or issues. Owned by Mary Howarth, LWV Michigan

To subscribe, send an email to: Put nothing in the subject area and only your name in the message area. To unsubscribe, send a blank message to

2. LWV Webmasters Listerv: This is a discussion group from League members working on or interested in creating websites. Owned by Olivia Thorne, LWV Pennsylvania.

To subscribe, send an email to: Put nothing in the subject or message area. You will receive a reply asking you to click on reply to confirm your subscription to the list. To unsubscribe, send a blank message to