1) What are the biggest challenges facing your village/township?

Gary Goosman:  The greatest challenges facing Amesville are declining population and the loss of local businesses. When people leave the area this hurts businesses and other organizations. Both these challenges have led to reduced revenues. This strains all village services and means we must find ways to operate more efficiently while providing a high quality of service for all residents. The most critical area to maintain service is our water system. The infrastructure of the system is quite old and needs a higher level of attention than our other departments.


2) How will you address these challenges?

Gary Goosman:  As Mayor I would seek to increase available housing through cooperation with Habitat for Humanity and other organizations. I will seek grants to improve the infrastructure of our water system and modernize other systems where possible. I will seek to modernize all office processes; using email, databases and websites to communicate more effectively. I will also be seeking “Green Initiatives” for the village: Power Purchase Agreements using solar energy, increased tree plantings and water conservation efforts. Lastly, I would hope to find incentives to attract new businesses to Amesville and keep the Amesville Elementary School operating in the village.


3) Could/should services be shared between other villages and/or townships? Please explain

Gary Goosman:  There are some options for shared services with other communities. We already share Fire Department services with Ames and Bern Townships. In other areas shared services are not possible. Our water and sewer systems are so isolated from other communities that very few options for shared efficiencies exist. We might be able to cooperate with other towns on purchases of supplies and equipment, but these line items are very small for Amesville and would only yield modest savings. I would be open to any other shared services that could benefit Amesville and surrounding communities.


No response:   Randy W. Baker



1) What are the biggest challenges facing your village/township?

Melissa Keirns:  Water system and sewage rates.

Barb Klaer (Write-in Candidate):  Challenges:  Although we treasure the solitude and sense of community unique to a small town, our small population does not provide much revenue. We have necessary expenses, repairs, maintenance costs that require consistent evaluation in order to get the most "Bang for our Buck". We must also be looking ahead to insure we are addressing future issues. The condition of our present water system is of great concern and needs to be addressed well before we reach a crisis situation. We can "make do" with many things but access to clean, safe water is vital.


2) How will you address these challenges?

Melissa Keirns:  Try to come up with something that will benefit the residents and the village.

Barb Klaer (Write-in Candidate):  In addressing the challenges we face, it's important to keep an open mind and look at all options. Short term solutions or the cheapest solutions may cost more in the long run, but more expensive options are not necessarily better. Each challenge needs to be looked at individually and solutions chosen based on cost, efficiency, appropriateness, environmental impact, and sustainability. We must always seek out the best value for our money.


3) Could/should services be shared between other villages and/or townships? Please explain

Melissa Keirns:  Depending on what type of services that could be shared and can an agreement be reached to benefit the sharing villages equally.

Barb Klaer (Write-in Candidate):  Any solutions should be based on gathering as much solid information before any decisions are made. An open mind and a willingness to look at  advantages and disadvantages for specific services is necessary before making a blanket statement.


No response: Brian D. Hines



No response: Shawn Phillips, John L. Sullivan


1) What are the biggest challenges facing your village/township?

Robert H. Funk, Jr.:  mostly lack of funding, to fight crime and drug abuse, to clean up run-down properties, to repair streets, and to keep the services we do have, all on a very limited budget.....

Miles Wolf:   My responses are many, but one of our most important issues is the increased properties that appear to be in dissaray. Those looking to relocate to this region do not want to move into a neighborhood that may have a few nicer homes and the remainder of the neighborhood be in need of serious repair. Honestly, those currently living in these neighborhoods that do take care of their property, do not deserve to be surrounded by the unkept properties either.

Another issue is the negative amounts in the village budget in the General Fund and the Street Fund.


 2) How will you address these challenges?

Robert H. Funk, Jr.:  I plan to apply for more grants, to help in funding, as I have before, and have received...also plan to stretch the money we do have, by spending wisely, and cutting any unneccessary spending, all the while trying to preserve the city services we do have, such as the Police Department......

Miles Wolf:  We will survey the neighborhoods and record the properties that are in violation of Village Ordinances. Those in violation will receive a warning letter to clean or repair their property. A clear deadline will be given to complete this task. After the deadline a citation will be issued to the owner and/or the tenant, the village will then send in a crew to repair the problem, and the cost of the repair will be assessed to the real estate tax bill.

A comprehensive look at the budget will occur with the administrators to see where the budget can be cut.


3) Could/should services be shared between other villages and/or townships? Please explain

Robert H. Funk, Jr.:  The Village and Trimble Township have always worked well together, and we've worked with other nearby towns, through sharing equipment, resources, and mutual aid.

Miles Wolf:  I do believe services could be shared in a costs cutting effort on all parties' behalf. All parties involved would need to come to an agreement and dollar amount they are willing to put forth to share these services. With Trimble Township municipal governments, I feel services such as police and fiscal officers could be shared.