U.S. House of Representatives - 6th Congressional District

How will you address the challenges and opportunities to the United States posed by unauthorized immigrants?

Cadle - I believe in LEGAL immigration and secure borders. The first thing we must do is securing our borders before addressing any issue arising with illegal immigrants who are presently in our country. This would include enforcing existing Federal Law uniformly in all states.

Elsass - I do not believe we have an influx in unauthorized immigrants; I believe our country has been invaded by foreign nationals. The immigration process needs a complete overhaul. There are honest, non-criminals who want to immigrate to this country legally. The process is long and needs to be streamlined dramatically. Before serious reforms are enacted, the borders must be secured.

Johnson - Our nation was founded by immigrants seeking freedom and a better way of life. Legal immigration has a proud tradition here. Today, however, we must protect our borders as a matter of National Security. Our government simply must first stop the flow of illegal immigrants, and then address those who are already here illegally.

Wilson - I think the recent law passed in Arizona demonstrates the need for comprehensive immigration reform in this country. We need a bipartisan effort to look at changing the laws that I hope will ensure greater border security, discourage the hiring of undocumented workers that take American jobs, and grant NO amnesty to those here illegally.


What specific functions of the federal government can be performed better by contracting with the private sector? What specific functions of the federal government should not be contracted out to the private sector?

Cadle - The Postal Service, Transportation (AMTRAK), Education and Tax collection (IRS) could be more efficient if contracted privately, Border security and National defense are the national responsibility of the federal government.

Elsass - All functions of the federal government not specifically outlined in the 10th amendment should be returned to the private sector. The government allowed private sector management of the national economy through the Federal Reserve, which has been a complete failure. This was not a function intended to be contracted out, I will work to audit and abolish the Federal Reserve.

Johnson - Our government is broken. For over 200 years, our private sector businesses have proven time and again to be more versatile and innovative than the government. We should absolutely take advantage of private sector efficiency. That said, the government, not the private sector should be responsible for guiding the long-term stability of programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Wilson - Private sector involvement could be vastly beneficial to the government, particularly in the areas of technology and biomedical research. But the government should be in charge of its own security, military and intelligence functions. My main concerns with contracting are that the bidding processes be fair, contracts be limited to American companies, and overall costs should be reasonable.