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Engine Project Interim Reporting

On about the third day of the engine project after students have had a chance to brinastorm ideas and begin to formulate their plans, we ask each group to complete the following interim report. This report serves to help focus the groups' thinking about just where they stand in progressing toward their goal and to give us feedback about what sort of resources the groups need in order to proceed successfully.

Engine Project Interim Report

Group Members:


  1. What is the input energy for your project?

  2. What work do you plan for it to accomplish?

  3. Describe the materials from which you plan to construct your engine.

  4. What additional resources do you need?


Assessing the Engine Projects

We use the following rubric to score the projects created by the students. In it the engines themselves and the documentation related to their creation are assessed according to the description distributed to each team at the beginning of the project. Up to 15 bonus points are awarded for exceptional effort in any category.

Engine Design Project Scoring Rubric

Project Title:______________________ Group Members: __________________________

Based on the criteria in the project description, engine projects are awarded from 0 to 6 points
in each subcategory of the four main categories below .

  • Design and Description:
    • Meets project requirements ___
    • Shows ingenuity of design ___
    • Incorporates simple machines ___(optional)
    • Repeating cycle ___

    • Drawing and Model:
      • Drawing ___
      • Model ___
      • Care and workmanship ___
      • Dimensions and materials ___
      • Self-regulation ___

      • Engine Analysis:
        • Input energy measured ___
        • Work output measured ___
        • Mechanical advantage of incorporated
          simple machines calculated ___ (optional)
        • Efficiency calculated ___
        • Sources of inefficiency ___

        • Record of work:
          • Brainstorming ___
          • Timetable and plan ___
          • Members' roles ___
          • Resources ___
          • Total ____ Bonus ____

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