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Countdown To Millemmium is jointly sponsored by Ohio University School of Telecommunications   and Rural Action.  Any of the Countdown To Millennium staff can be contacted via email. The address is

Overall Project Coordination by ...

Project Director
Sandra Sleight-Brennan Assistant Professor of Telecommunications
Senior Project Assistants Siriwan Anantho 
Mike Newberg         
Graduate Assistants             
Project Assistants Vanni Karri Graduate Assistant
  Melanie Barnett Production Assistant
  Brian Flannery Production Assistant
Web Design by ....    
  Melissa Kits Journalism Student
  Kia Kursman Journalism Student
  Barb Campagnola Journalism Student
Arts & Heritage Program Coordinator Lisa Trocchia
Director of Community Organizing &Development  Chris Castle
VISTA Community Organizer:
Youth Programs Coordinator


Jerry Hartley
VISTA Community Organizer:
Arts & Heritage


Amy Lipka
VISTA Community Organizer: Partners in Leadership Development


Don Curry
VISTA Community Organizer: Partners in Leadership Development Chris Swaro


Drivers ..... Amy Lipka VISTA Volunteer
  Don Curry VISTA Volunteer
  Chris Swaro VISTA Volunteer
Technical Consulting By
 Dan Dreifort of Frognet  



Internet connections provided by .......

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