Name: Tom Echstenkamper

Community: Glouster

Date of Interview: May 7, 1998.

Interviewer: Justin Guinther


00:00:12:   Grew up in Glouster

00:00:22 :  Sports: baseball, basketball, football

00:00:45:   Fun: basketball, movies on Saturday night

00:01:04:   The school was not a one-room school.

00:01:10 :  Chore: gardening, painting houses

00:01:49:   Business in Glouster: wholesales company that still exist, stores for suits, shoes stores.

00:02:28:   Working condition: mainly painting houses, cutting grasses, payment was very low.

00:02:56:   Vietnam conflict was a sad war.

00:03:20:    President Kennedy was shot was terrible.

00:04:14:    Built automobiles with friends.

00:04:45:    After graduation, I went to work for 95 cents anhour: stock shelves, scrubbing floor.

00:05:01:    How is present life different from then? We got more stuff now, car, TV.

00:05:20 :   How did you afford? You just got what you could afford.

00:06:00:    How old were you at your first job? 17 or 18 and I worked for a couple of years.

00:06:25:    I have 5 brothers and 1 sisters.

00:07:21:    Age restriction: 16 for driving and 18 for drinking.

00:08:00:    Growing up in a small town is different, you know everybody.

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