Name:  Ray Reed

Community:  Wilkesville

Date of Interview:  March 21, 1998.

Interviewer: Carrie Wells & Rachel Stapleton, Vinton HS


0:00:00:     Identification Slate

0:00:11:     The early years of Wilkesville, flourished during the wars due to mining, timber, farming

0:01:20:     Horse and wagon used to get supplies from the store, mining of iron ore, coal, limestone

0:02:38:     Morgan’s Raiders, Ray’s great grandparents had horses stolen, his grandfather shot two of Morgan’s men*

0:03:48:     Origin of the Bean Dinner, soldiers returning from war, became a community tradition

0:04:37:     First car war a Model A Ford, could buy five gallons of gas for a dollar

0:05:13:     Covered bridges

0:06:04:     Stores in Wilkesville, Sold mining supplies – carbide, explosives, hand tools, the natural resources were the mainstay of the community, all activity increased during the war, job boom replaced the WPA jobs*

0:08:40:     Life on the farm, horses, "no such thing as anything easy on the farm", [detailed]*

0:10:20:     He worked in the coal mines after school each day, coal miners made $2.20 per week

0:11:10      Railroad communities, all centered on the raw materials, every village had coal company houses, hauled supplies with horses

0:13:25      Entertainment, fishing, Sunday school, farm work came first, he is 76 years of age

14:00         End

Comments: Great in all respects

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