Name: Richard Buchanan

Community: Glouster

Date of Interview:  May 14, 1998

Interviewer: David Locke


00:00:40:    School, was very, very strict, hardly had any fun noise going on, not uncommon to be  punched in the face by male teachers.

00:02:01:    Worked in a coal mine during at the age of 10 during summer.

00:03:50:    High school building was spotless, today things seem very mediocre.

00:07:18:    Pay was around 50 cents a piece for washing.

00:11:00:    Area called Tippy town as that family owned it.

00:12:05:    Served in the military at the age of 17.

00:16:43:    Childhood days, not many had cars, we didn’t have on till 1948.

00:22:00:    Not much in the world for us then, not so many consumer goods.

00:23:50:    Dept. of highways, worked there after military.

00:28:28:    Gambling homes, guys would go for playing cards betting at $200 or $300 and the kids would get pops.

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