Name:  Paul Cottrill

Community:  Vinton County

Date of Interview: March 4, 1998.

Interviewer:  Amber Pierce, Vimton County


0:00:00:    Identification slate, early memories

0:00:25:    Pearl Harbor, he was in the second grade at the time

0:00:47:    Jobs

0:01:20:    Changes in Vinton County, mining and forestry

0:01:53:     Born and raised on a farm

0:02:20:     Flood of 1937

0:03:14:     Prices of items, won 5 in a spelling bee, bought almost a pound of candy

0:04:00:     Clothes were homemade, flour and feed sacks, men in overalls, barefoot in the summer

0:04:45:     Entertainment, reading by kerosene lamps, no electricity, battery- operated radio, games

0:05:36:     Attended Vinton Rural School, 3 rooms – 2 classes per room

0:06:40:     Young adult, hard to find work

0:08:00:     64 years old, changes in roads, used to be mud, wagon ruts

0:09:42:     End

Comments: Lighting is poor, dog yapping in background

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