Name: Pauline Autherson

Community: Allensville

Date of Inerview:  January 16, 1998.

Interviewer:  Jenny Haymen


0:00.05:    Identification slate

0:04:00:    Now the kids are driving a car. At that time we sit around and talk, run bicycle in  the garden. We don’t have television set. I help in the kitchen.

0:06.62:     School years - I go to Central grade school

0:07:10:     When I was a kid, my neighbor ladies look for a bread. If I go down hill and get her some bread. She gave me a dime to get her a loaf of bread, and a penny for candy (laugh). That’s a big deal, get a penny for the candy, so the bread was nine cents.

0:09.47:     When I was in school, I walked to school in the morning, back home for lunch, back down to school, and then back home.

0:10.26:     What get you in trouble by your teacher? I didn’t know, I didn’t get any. Back then, the big things were chewing gum, spit bold, talking when you’re not supposed to be.

0:10.45:     Now you see on television, gun or something like that.

0:12.34:     I know something that I like in the summer time about my mom. We swing on the porch in  the evening and just talking.

0:13.08:     My mom talked about the town clock at Central school. When it strikes at 10 o’clock.  It’s time to go to bed.

0:14.00:     In the winter time, mom used to hang cloth in the kitchen. We used to hang them up in my  neighbors’ basement. Put the cloth on slade, take slade to school (laugh). Can you imagine about that now? That was a good time.

0:14.47:     Working Years-I started working part-time in high school when I was sixteen, I worked  10 hours on Saturday.

0:15.23:     I believed I got 27 cent an hour, $2.40 in the envelope. I saved some of them. I gave some to cut my mom’s hair.

0:15.47:     That was a part-time work for kid. You see, how much better off for kids.

0:16.00:     Then I worked there full time for almost 10 years.

0:16:20:     People values - back then, I feel like people have more values and they care about people.

0:17.20:     Flood - there were so many different floods. In the 1937 flood, we sleep with water.

0:18.55:     My neighbor, Jack built a raft. My sister went with him go around Pomeroy to take picture.

0:19.25:     On the raft, they have high water, I took Catherine. They could get drowned, she couldn't swim.

0:21.25:     Depression - I don’t know whether it effects me.

0:21.45:     Pearl Harbor - that was on the radio. My dad was listening to the news.

0:22.30:     WW II - I remember World War II. My father still young and I worried whether he had   to go to war. One of his brothers was almost killed.

0:23.48:     Gold stars - if they have more soldiers, more sons in services, they hung more stars at the windows. But if someone died they have gold star or something, I don’t remember.

0:24.40:     JFK - we lived out Syracuse. A neighbor told me that the President has been shot. I remember John-John. I have my mom’s book about the Kennedy.

0:26.36:     Television - I remember when I saw a box with the word "TV/Television" and people told you can see a picture in it. How could you see the picture?"

0:27.25:     How people say about the man on the moon and how they can walk?

0:27.50:     All the thing about computer stuff. they’ve come along way.

0:28.00:     I forgot something like in the summertime, we go to Bible school and we walked down  Pomeroy. I want to say about but I forgot.

0:29.00:     Hippie - I don’t know whether I was Hippie. I don’t know if people like to be like that  (laugh).

0:29.30:     Picture of family, grandparents, parents, sister, great grandmother.

0:34.56:     Picture of her nephew who died in nursing home after serving Vietnam War.

0:36.00:     Flood - when I went to school , that was fun time because school got out. But when I worked, it was not fun time because we have to move.

0:39.04:     When we were in school it was vacation time for flood.

0:39.47:     I’ve seen a lot of hard water. I just want to say that.

0:41.10:     Picture of daughter and her fiancée at the prom.

0:41.50:     End

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