Name : Mary Rathburn

Community: Zaleski

Date of Interview:  March 15, 1998.

Interviewer: M. J. Riffle, Vinton HS


0:05:55:     Identification Slate

0:05:56:     Lived in Zaleski for 63 years, no running water, windless wells, no sidewalks, only cinder paths, B & O Railroad, father was a telegrapher, train schedules and steam engines, mail and passenger service

0:07:24:     Schools, new school in 1939, three grades in one room, outdoor plumbing, sports played in the town hall, no school busses

0:08:37:     Shopping, picture shows in the Town Hall, church social dinners, Masonic Temple

0:10:00:     Loves living in Zaleski

0:10:21:     End

Comments: Good information on railroads, very little narrative - focus on facts

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