Name: Lloyd Gearing

Community : Allensville

Date of Interview : March 3, 1998

Interviewer: Jodi Gearing


0:37:55:     Identification Slate

0:40:12:     Lived on a farm, milked cows, early memories of going to town, no electricity out in the country

0:41:00:     School, 1947 school consolidation, rode the bus

0:41:48:     WW II women and families ran the businesses,

0:42:30:     Worked on farms

0:42:48:     First car, 1929 Ford

0:43:00:     Allensville fire

0:43:43:     Likes living in Allensville, "town has regressed rather than progressed"

0:44:45:     Looking at a map of Allensville [ we can’t see it, he can] - tape continues to run

0:50:50:     End

Comments:     Limited content

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