Name: Leota Gatchel

Community:  Glouster

Date:  May 14, 1998.

Interviewer: Daniel Hartley


00:00:01:     Where did you grow? Came here when I was 2 yr. old, I was the only child

00:00:31:     School? There was discipline; it’s getting worse every year now

00:03:10:     For fun? We used to dress up and play and pretend. Chores, keeping the room clean, doing the dishes

00:05:06:     In Glouster? Not many things to do, we built this house. I had my own room

00:09:13:     Wedding day? I was married in a chapel, with just my mom and his friends, in Tampa, Florida. A very beautiful dress but not very fancy

00:10:00:     Did you hear ‘Martin Luther King Jr.’ speech, ‘I have a dream’?  It was very beautiful, we all have dreams

00:10:34:     Opinion on discrimination? I had a lot of colored friends…

00:11:38:     Assassination of JFK, we got the news on the T.V

00:12:32:     When I first saw T.V, I enjoyed it, I enjoy channel 5

00:13:01:     Men landing on moon, I’m not very impressed, all that money could be used elsewhere

00:18:30:     How has technology-changed life? Not much, I needed a microwave when  my son was in school, not now.

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