Name: Kenny Reed

Community: McArthur and Vinton County

Date of Interview:  March 4, 1998

Interviewer: Jenny Cozad


0:00:00:     Identification slate, (younger man around 40)

0:00:32:     Involved in the community, writes grants, working on extension of rural water, low-income housing, loans.

0:02:54:     Sees a need for more infrastructure

0:03:40:     Predicts a growth in population

0:04:26:     Does not see a lot of changes in the area

0:05:38:     The strengths of Vinton County, scenery, quality of life, low crime, the people and the small town life, everybody is a family

0:07:00:     He lives in Vinton County by choice

0:11:11:     Growth control in the county

0:12:00:     End

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