Name: Jack Walker

Community: Vinton County


00:12:10:       Born in 1934

00:12:50:       Change of McArthur, at least BP station changed.

00:13:30:       There were more grocery stores now

00:15:25:       Activity at that time revolved around stores, sports, softball team, football, ping pong

00:18:30:       Place for kids

00:20:30:       People used the family car to run once or twice a week.

00:21:10:       Greyhound bus ran twice a day from east to west, from Cincinnati to Parkersberg

00:23:05:       He was involved in athletics, baseball, football.

00:25:00:       Things kids did in summer time

00:27:00:       Riding a horse all afternoon in the farm

00:27:55:       End

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