Name:  Ida Mae Stoneburner

Community:  Glouster

Date of Interview: May 7, 1998.

Interviewer: Eric Knott


00:00:06:     Lived here (Glouster) all my life

00:00:23:     Father worked in coal mines and mother was a private nurse

00:00:50:     Remember the first aeroplane, car ride, old train

00:03:16:     There were three movie houses, opera house; shows were more like these days soap operas

00:09:19:     Life then; talking was not allowed during the measle times

00:10:53:     The Vietnam War and its effects..

00:12:27:     My family has lived here all their lives though our kids have moved out now

00:12:54:     Chores as a kid were mainly washing dishes

00:14:59:     During depression they recycled everything, books would go onto the brothers and sisters

00:15:40:     For fun, girls played with dolls and boys flew kites

00:16:46:     All kids had nicknames, mine is Id but I don’t like it

00:16:46:     Scariest thing that happened to her, brother was caught in a coal mine accident and a sister was caught on a railroad track when a train was approaching

00:19:06:     We were so poor, unable to buy coal and so would pick up coal from the roads.

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