Name: Hazel Sowers

Community:  Allensville

Interviewer: Shaun


0:00:01:     Early memories of Allensville, stores

0:02:00:     Banking

0:02:15:     Playing pool in Dick Marayan’s business, hang out at Rodney Frye’s store

0:03:39:     Price comparison, 10 cent loaf of bread

0:04:00:     The huckster wagon

0:05:00:     Hogs, chickens, cows, chores - feeding animals and milking

0:06:38:     Born in 1912, man born in 1909

0:07:12:     The Depression, uncle had milk and jelly, Grandad worked in Columbus for the gas company, they had one child at the time, now has four more daughters

0:08:49:     Went on a trip to West Virginia, traveled by car and ferry boat

0:09:58:     The flood of 1937

0:12:43:     Going to town in Chillicothe

0:14:25:     [our first look at granddad] The big fire in Allensville

0:15:40:     The hardware store

0:16:20:     Holiday time, family gatherings

0:16:45:     Church, Allensville church used to be a saloon

0:18:22:     Granddad worked for Copper’s, steam engine trains, he inspected railroad ties and shipped them out

0:19:42:     WW II, sending war supplies on the train, passenger trains, he went to Parkersburg and Columbus on the train, paid $100 per week

0:22:30:     Used to plow with a team of horses, planted corn

0:23:29:     Pets and animals, Grandmom raised canaries and other tropical birds

0:25:10:     Took in foster children, "We had a little colored girl. Her name was Sugar. liked her." Adopted Mary

0:26.33:     Used to go to the county fairs until she was "saved"

0:26:49:     Went to the movies for the first time in Logan, didn’t know how to work the seats

0:28:11:     Making moonshine down in the holler,* the sheriff never bothered them, making whiskey, sold it for $2 per gallon, that was big business, man from Marietta would come for 500 gallons at a time, had a 500 gallon still [good]

0:31:46:     Grain mill, feeding hogs

0:33:45:     The post office and mail service

0:34:49:     Milk delivery and mail delivery

0:36:19:     Snowy weather, snowstorm

0:38:10:     School, going to ball games

0:40:45:     Changes between then and now, she would like the people to change back to how they used to be, but likes the modern conveniences better

0:42:10:     Baking bread and cooking, "kill a couple of chickens and fill the frying pan" sow belly

0:43:40:     Used to cook on an old stove fueled by wood, fast food experiences

0:45:12:     Would drive all the way to Circleville for foot-long hot dogs

0:46:00:     When the road was paved, used to get vehicles hung up on the ridge and have to walk the rest of the way home

0:47:47:    Would sew and crochet, bought very little clothing except for special occasions but would make "everyday dresses" out of feedsacks, sewed dolls and sold them

0:49:44:     End

Comments:Video and interview are fair quality, however, the moonshine story and everyday cooking/sewing experiences are interesting

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