Name:  Gaylord Brooks

Community:  Glouster

Date of Interview:  May 11, 1998.

Interviewer: Tim Drake


00:01:17:     School? I didn’t want to go to school. 14 children in my class, in the free time we swam and played ball.

00:02:09:     Clothing was the same, as a kid I had to wear golf pants.

00:03:40:     Chores? Feeding the chickens.

00:04:10:     Sports? Ball games, skating; no T.V but had a radio in the later years.

00:06:03:     Change in Glouster? It was a coal-mining town then, Saturday nights we would go into the town from 6 in the evening till 9 p.m.

00:10:25:     Worked in a mine a little bit, first job at the age of 18.

00:11:43:     Young people now do not show much respect to the older generation.

00:13:13:     Depression in 1932, we moved into fruit farms, there were no jobs, no money and no work.  People now do not know what it is like to feel hungry.

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