Name:   Elmer Lowry

Community:  Glouster

Date of Interview:  May 5, 1998

Interviewer:  Becky Handa


00:00:34:         Major changes in Glouster? Worked in coal mines, served in the army and retired in 1981.

00:02:30:         Born and raised in Jacksonville, growing up without the present technology was much better, people were different back then, we never locked our homes.

00:05:06:         Great depression? There was no work anywhere.

00:07:14:         World War II, we went on seas.

00:14:25:         Shows the Uniform and a German gun.

00:18:03:         For entertainment? Swimming, fishing, skating in winter, people enjoyed whatever they had then, nowadays they have too much.

00:22:00:         Kind of work……..

00:30:25:         Effects of war?………

Comments: Shrill sound  occurring through out interview

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