Name: Emmett Conway

Community: McArthur

Date of Interview: March 14, 1998

Interviewer: Philip Lash


0:00:01:     Born in 1914, end of World War I

0:01:00:     Family moved to Youngstown in 1916, had a family garden

0:03:00:     Lived on a small farm

0:03:30:     First car, 1934 Ford, Visual - car model

0:04:52:     The Depression, job scarcity

0:07:26:     Entertainment, outdoor recreation

0:09:53:     Youngstown College, studied forestry at University of Michigan

0:13:00:     Early memories of farming during the depression

0:14:34:     Early memories of McArthur, moved in 1941 to Vinton County, worked  at Zaleski State Forest

0:16:45:     Was the park manager at Lake Hope

0:19:00:     Logging in McArthur area

0:20:40:     Worked at Ohio University and had a Christmas tree farm

0:22:05:     Experiences on the Christmas tree farm, his children

0:23:39:     End.

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