Name: Dorothy Whithen

Community: Glouster

Date: May 5, 1998

Interviewer: Melissa Gilkey


00:00:49:         Went to school in Jacksonville, was a cheerleader for basketball team.

00:02:32:         Married in the year 1941, retired in 1979.

00:03:12:         Change in the family values over the years? None…….

00:04:46:         Major disasters? Mine explosion, I was in school when it occurred, losing my parents and husband was tough.

00:07:08:         Worked for ‘Krogers’ in Athens area for 31 years.

00:07:33:         Favorite music? Country music and religious broadcasts.

00:08:38:         JFK? News came through radio, it was a terrible day.

00:09:18:         As a teenager, had a lot of friends and was involved in church activities.

00:11:13:         Family, mom and dad and two sisters, a very close knit family.

00:12:42:         The pay in those days was sufficient.

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