Name:  Deanna Tribe

Community: Vinton County

Date of Interview : March 17, 1998

Interviewer : Barbara Ronkin


0:19:39:     Identification Slate. She lived in the area all her life, graduated from Ohio University with a degree in home economics, works currently in community development and commerce

0:21:27:     Travel and tourism, feels the area needs a change of attitude, attitudes are too negative

0:23:00:     Community development, agricultural business is diminishing, few stores in the county, chamber of commerce

0:25:07:     Plans for the future, new buildings and renovations,

0:25:24:    Strengths in the community, community leadership in Vinton County and self reliance, wants self-determination

0:27:00:     Vinton County Pride and Hospitality Committee

0:27:47:     Community booster and tourism

0:28:55:     End

Comments: Community Pride

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