Name:  Dorthea McClelland

Community: Glouster

Date of Interview: May 7, 1998.

Interviewer:  Brooke McClelland


00:00:31:     Raised on a Farm, married at 17, oldest of 11 kids

00:01:17:      Dad a coal miner, I had to take care of other children, gardening

00:03:50:      Role of family? Go to church every Sunday, I was a Sunday school teacher

00:06:18:      Was life different then? Parents are no longer careful about their kids

00:07:09:      Chores as a kid, gardening, picking berries and looking after kids

00:08:29:      Memories? I was the black sheep of the family

00:09:06 :     Job? Used to baby sit for $3

00:10:18 :     Music played a big part, we had a record player

00:12:12 :     Teenager, went to church a lot

00:13:07:      Second Marriage, been married for 35 years

00:15:30:      Assassination of   JFK, then news was terrible

00:16:29:      Total of 6 kids, 4 from the first marriage and 2 from the second

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