Name: Clyde Graves

Community: Allensvile

Date of Interview : Feb 24, 1998

Interviewer: Elizabeth Sowers


0:06:19:     Early memories, going to the store in horse and buggy to Allensville

0:07:30:     World War II, more stores, hardware

0:08:17:     School was a   one-room school, would walk home for lunch

0:08:57:     School consolidation, first one was easier - second was difficult, he  was on the school board

0:10:04:     Chores, feeding hogs, milking cows

0:10:31:     Price differences between then and now, would trade butter, milk and eggs for other items in the store, "we went trading, instead of purchasing"

0:11:34:     First job was driving a school bus for $56 per month

0:12:10:     First car was a 1936 Ford

0:13:15:     Had gas instead of electricity, Allensville fire, then a lot of rats came  into town

0:14:49:     End

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