Name: Bill & Bonnie Christman

Community:  Glouster

Date of Interview :  May 7, 1998.

Interviewer:  Jessica Bumpass


Bill Christman

00:00:02:     What was your town like? Had 1 brother, played baseball, swam and worked.

00:01:11:     School was good, no excuses allowed.

00:01:25:     Teenager? Moved till midnight, no clubs.

00:02:38:     No pressures in growing up, tough times only during wars.

00:05:00:     Depression? Didn’t really affect us as we had our own farms.

00:06:06:     Mine disaster? Around 78 people were killed.

00:06:30:     Kids today have a lot of peer pressure, lots of stuff like cars... too much alcoholism and drugs around now.

00:07:31:     Changes in Glouster? Things have gone downhill.

Bonnie Christman

00:00:02:     Growing up was a lot different then its now.

00:00:01:     Worked at Union Lunch.

00:01:30:     1 brother and 2 sisters, had a tough time with brother.

00:01:47:     School was different, not many pressures like kids now, we didn’t have all the stuff that kids today have.

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