Name: Bob Ashley

Community: Middleport

Date of Interview: January 21, 1998.

Interviewer: Tom Swartz, Meigs County


0:00:35:     Age 62, family background

0:01:32:     Childhood

0:01:54:     Attended Marshall College, athletic

0:02:40:     Trouble in the small town, alcohol, fights, no illegal substances then

0:03:07:     Entertainment as a child, fishing, sports

0:03:30:     Chores and responsibilities, yard work, keeping the coal bin filled

0:04:45:     Taught school for 30 yrs.

0:05:20:     At the local fights as a child

0:05:45:     School years

0:06:20:     Changes in Middleport. It was a closer community then

0:07:25:     End

Comments: Poor quality sound and picture.

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