lgearing.jpg (12739 bytes) Lloyd Gearing

Age: 65

Occupation: Quality paper inspector at Mead

Hometown: Allensville

Interviewer: Jodi Gearing 


What is your first memory of Allensville?        


Jodi: Where in Allensville did you grow up?

Lloyd: Actually I didn’t grow up in Allensville. It was probably two miles west of Allensville, where I lived most of the time.

Jodi: Did you live on a farm?

Lloyd: We lived on a farm.

Jodi: Did you have chores to do?

Lloyd: Yes, I had chores to do, cows to milk, stuff like that.

Jodi: What is your first memory of Allensville?

Lloyd: Well, probably my first memory is that it was a treat to get to go to Allensville, of an evening after your chores were done. You would go and get a cold bottle of pop or an ice cream cone. West of Allensville there wasn’t any real electricity, so people didn’t have cold pop or ice cream in the freezer like we have now. It was a treat to go and have a cold bottle of pop of an evening.

Jodi: Could you tell us about the school you attended?

Lloyd: The school I attended most of the time was then Richland Rural. In approximately 1947 it became Allensville consolidated because there were four townships with outlying schools. The people of a particular area went to grade school in that area and then went to high school at Richland Rural. Around 1947 most of the schools were done away with and the grade schools were brought to Allensville. After that it was called Allensville Consolidated.

Jodi: How did you get to school?

Lloyd: Most of the time on a bus, occasionally I walked.

Jodi: What was Allensville like during World War II?

Lloyd: It was like a lot of rural areas. The young men capable of serving in the armed services were gone and businesses were operated by their wives or families.

Jodi: How often did you get to go to Allensville to shop?

Lloyd: Maybe once a week.

Jodi: How are the prices of things different from then to now?

Lloyd: There isn’t any real comparison. Things are ten to fifteen percent higher now than they were then.

Jodi: How did you earn extra money when you were younger?

Lloyd: Well, mowing yards and doing different chores. When I was old enough I worked with different farmers and their harvest.

Jodi: Do you remember your first car?

Lloyd: Absolutely, it was a 1929 Model A Ford and it was quite an experience.

Jodi: Do you remember the fire in Allensville?

Lloyd: I didn’t witness the fire, but I remember what happened. Allen’s Brothers Grocery, Clara Bethel’s restaurant, and a used furniture store that my uncle ran all burnt down.There was a total of four buildings that burnt down including a garage.

Jodi: Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Lloyd: Well, it was quite an experience growing up in Allensville. I lived close enough that I could walk to ballgames and stuff like that. It’s like a lot of small towns it’s regressed because many of the businesses didn’t rebuild after the fire.

Jodi: Do you remember when the county consolidated the schools?

Lloyd: Yes, I think it was about 1967.