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The sites listed below are ones that use oral histories or that give information on how to conduct oral histories.

Information on conducting oral histories ...                                                                

Using Oral Histories in the Classroom - Library of Congress

Oral History Techniques - Indiana University: Oral History Research Center

Oral History: Techniques and Procedures: Center of Military History, United States Army

Tips on Doing Oral History Interviews - US Santa Barbara: Library, Oral History Program

Oral Histories: The Most Overlooked PR Tool - Kris Delaplane Conti

Selected Oral History Bibliography - Indiana University: Oral History Research Center

Oral History Projects ...

The Whole World was Watching - 1968- USU Oral History Program
National Archives and Records Administration
The White House Millennium Council
Voices from the Thirties:Life Histories from the Federal Writer's Project


Oral History Association


Oral History Research Center


Oral History on Space, Science, and Technology


John F. Kennedy Library Oral History Interviews


Oral History Research Office: Columbia University


Oral History Internet Resources: Michigan Oral history Association


Living Ohio Government Series
Pomeroy: Dawn To Dusk
Miami Valley Cultural Heritage Project


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